MapMyFitness Course Test

Testing out a feature as part of my MapMyFitness account. This is a 5-mile route I run fairly regularly (2-3x/week). This particular course is the opposite direction I normally run. Just playing with the embed feature. Nothing to see here… View this Course on MapMyFitness

G650GS Battery Relocation

For future reference. The battery is a considerable weight mounted high on the machine contributing to the top heavy feel. There are two solutions to this. The first is to fit one of the new Lithium LifePO4 batteries which reduce the weight of the battery from 4 kgs to 0.8 kg and in some cases […]

RAGBRAI Packing List 2016

Ongoing list, so I don’t forget. Items marked with “B” are carried on bike. Sleeping bag (not just sheets–brrr) Pillow Fan GPS Camera, charger, spare batteries Batteries for GPS, fan, lights, etc. Headlamp with red LED (B) Earplugs(!) Road ID Sundry supplements and OTC remedies Sunscreen (B) Protein bars (B) Cooling towel (B) Regular towel […]

Lake Fort Smith – Kayak Review – Vapor 10 XT

Old Towne Canoe Vapor 10XT PROS: Easy enough to move around (50 pounds). Very stable. Tracks well. Not much waggle at all. Solid handles. Fast enough (4-4.5 mph). Milk crate rod holder fits perfectly in front of cockpit, even better if you trim the crate handle on one side to slide under front “cupholder” (which […]


It’s been a while since a) I have posted in this dusty attic of a blog, or b) I’ve done an epic outdoorsy activity. Sailing trips kinda count for the latter, because there is a lot of snorkeling involved. We have also done some cool hikes in the Northwest. At the end of the day, […]

An INTP Profile

I recently participated in a series of management assessment tests that included a Meyers-Briggs component. The last time I took this test was the 11th grade. Apparently, I am still an INTP: “INTPs are about 1% of the general population, making this one of the rarest of types.” I guess I should be proud?

@jackpate – First Tweet!

Fun fact: I’ve had the @arkansas handle on Twitter longer than I’ve had @jackpate (March 2007 vs June 2008, respectively). Not wanting to rush into things, I finally “activated” the @jackpate handle last week, with a specific purpose in mind. I use the @arkansas handle for a lot of professional stuff–link sharing, conferences, lists, etc. […]

The Olde Blogge

It’s been more than three years since I posted here. That’s more than 100 years in Internet time. In fact, the last time I used WordPress as a personal platform, blogrolls were still part of the CMS. I sense a return to blogging, though, and not just for me (that may never happen). Platforms like […]