@jackpate – First Tweet!

Fun fact: I’ve had the @arkansas handle on Twitter longer than I’ve had @jackpate (March 2007 vs June 2008, respectively). Not wanting to rush into things, I finally “activated” the @jackpate handle last week, with a specific purpose in mind. I use the @arkansas handle for a lot of professional stuff–link sharing, conferences, lists, etc. As I have become more active on this channel, it feels a little weird to post pictures of my cat and lunch there. So, for cat and lunch pictures, head over to @jackpate.

Making this switch made me realize some things about the way I use social media. First, the way I interact with my “real life” friends is different than my professional network. On Facebook, it’s easier to keep content separated by choosing which people see what. Twitter is different, obviously, so it makes sense to have separate streams of content for personal and public consumption. It also prevents the awkwardness of being bombarded with 100 tweets about #lookatmeimatasocialmediaconference.

Secondly, it made me aware of the way I use different image platforms. For me, Instagram is for casual/odd/interesting stuff. Flickr is for more personal content, such as vacations or family. This is another way I have split up the content for now (at least, until Instagram lets you pick which Twitter account to share to). I’m curious to see how this works out.


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Howdy, I’m Jack Pate. This is my blog. I’ve been blogging since 1999 or so. This particular blog goes back to 2002, but it only features newer material. I am currently employed as director of social media for Tyson Foods, Inc. I work with the Corporate Affairs team there to develop strategies for our corporate social channels. Opinions here are my own. Pictures here are mainly of my cat.

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