The Olde Blogge

It’s been more than three years since I posted here. That’s more than 100 years in Internet time. In fact, the last time I used WordPress as a personal platform, blogrolls were still part of the CMS.

I sense a return to blogging, though, and not just for me (that may never happen). Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are continually moving the cheese for audiences. As a result, big brands suffer, because, frankly, their content is crap, and every engagement algorithm that makes any sense hides crap from users. Pay-for-play remains the primary strategy, then, for commercial content.

Even as brands are willing to pay the ride ticket for their commercial messages, however, people with good content are getting lost in the noise. Average Good Guy Facebooker doesn’t have the budget to compete, much less navigate the changing currents of engagement rates and audience overstimulation.

So, a return to blogs? Maybe so. A good blog lives on forever in its own space. Mediocre ones do, too, apparently.

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Howdy, I’m Jack Pate. This is my blog. I’ve been blogging since 1999 or so. This particular blog goes back to 2002, but it only features newer material. I am currently employed as director of social media for Tyson Foods, Inc. I work with the Corporate Affairs team there to develop strategies for our corporate social channels. Opinions here are my own. Pictures here are mainly of my cat.

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